stretched canvas wall art

Global Doorways Framed Canvas Wall Art
Desert Plateau by Douglas Atwill Framed Canvas Wall Art
Bull by Mariusz Moreau Framed Canvas Wall Art
Animal Tapestry by Chariklia Zarris Framed Canvas Wall Art
Palm Heights Home by Irene Suchocki Framed Canvas Wall Art
Desert Detail Canvas Wall Art Triptych Set of 3
Gathering of Longhorns Framed Canvas Wall Art
Antelope Portrait Diptych Canvas Wall Art Set Of 2
Desert Living by Jan Weiss Canvas Wall Art Set of 2
Pot of Flowers Peach by Michelle Abrams Canvas Wall Art
Overlooking Water Triptych Canvas Wall Art Set Of 3
Palm Impressions by Rick Novak Canvas Wall Art
Island Golds Canvas Wall Art Triptych Set of 3
Oceana Framed Canvas Wall Art
Online Only
Papillon's Plate II By E.A. Séguy Framed Canvas Wall Art
Petal Dance Framed Canvas Wall Art
Petal Dance Framed Canvas Wall Art
Glassy 5 by Natasha Marie Framed Canvas Wall Art
Tropical Tiger by Robert Farkas Framed Canvas Wall Art
Fabulous 1 by Nikol Wikman Framed Canvas Wall Art
Laugh Often Framed Canvas Wall Art
Smile Always Framed Canvas Wall Art
Rolling Tide by Ben Krygsman Framed Canvas Wall Art
Rolling Tide by Ben Krygsman Framed Canvas Wall Art
Scattered I by Julian Johnson Framed Canvas Wall Art
Buffalo Profile Canvas Wall Art
Sunset by Ellen Sherman Framed Canvas Wall Art Set of 3
Dancing Crane Panel by Grace Popp Framed Canvas Wall Art
Cambria Abstract Framed Canvas Wall Art
Blue Wash Blocks by Kelly Witmer Framed Canvas Wall Art



Why choose stretched canvas wall art to decorate your walls? Simple - stretched canvas art has a brighter, sharper image, comes in an array of sizes and dimensions and is less vulnerable to dust and damages! Update your wall decor with the textural appeal of stretched canvas print wall art, which features an image printed onto canvas, stretched and gallery-wrapped on a frame. Discover tips on decorating walls with multiple decor pieces to give your home a bold and fresh gallery appeal.


A timeless update for any room, our selection of canvas wall art is chic, high quality and affordable. Brighten up your dining room or entryway with a prism of jewel tones or fresh blooming colors. Find abstract, cityscape, landscape and still life art prints to decorate every room. Step away from the notion that art has to match your furniture or decor! Explore our selection of stretched canvas art for pieces that stand out to you and discover funky and effortless ways to update any room in your home. Start with a neutral background, whether it's beautiful beige upholstered custom headboard, a vintage style sofa or loveseat or a natural fiber rug and then make artwork with different themes work cohesively. Select a vivid explosion of abstract flowers combined with a sense of serenity and calm through colors found in nature. Mix in pieces with dramatic black brushstrokes or silhouettes. Integrating art into your decor is the easy part; selecting your favorites from our affordable collection is the hard part.

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