individually wrapped chocolate

Kinder Chocolate Minis Bag
Kinder Riegel Chocolate Sticks
Kinder Chocolate Bars, Set of 10
Laica Milk Chocolate Holiday Shapes Assortment
Kinder Mini Chocolate Eggs Bag
Kinder Mini Chocolate Eggs Bag
Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Biscuits, Set of 5
Toblerone One By One Holiday Box
Kinder Bueno 3-Pack, Set of 5
Lindt Chocolate Mini Elves Set of 12
Kinder Schoko-Bons Bag
Ferrero Duplo Bars, Set of 2
Sorini Red Globe Assorted Chocolates
Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Bag
Terry's Chocolate Orange Slices
Kinder Christmas Mini Chocolate Mix Bag Set of 3
Hawaiian Host Dark  Chocolate Alohamacs
In store pick up only
Kinder Happy Bag of Holiday Chocolates
Ghirardelli Minis Assorted Chocolate Squares Bag
In store pick up only
Milka Milkinis Mini Chocolate Bars 8 Count
In store pick up only
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