You’re Going to Love These 2 Kilim Rugs

Meet Orissa and Alina: Two soft underfoot, handwoven kilim rugs exclusively designed for your boho-chic home. Even our rug buyer, Amy Kawamoto (who has seen her fair share of tapestries), was taken by the stunning kilims and their geometric designs and warm appeal.

Here, we take a closer look at the two rugs.

Rug: Orissa Area Rug

Why we love it: Our cotton flat woven Orissa Kilim Rug is super-soft because the rug was handwoven on a Punja loom with high-quality cotton yarn and recycled fabric cotton, wool or silk. A weaver can take up to two days to hand weave a 5′ x 8′ rug, and due to its handwoven nature, no two rugs are exactly alike.

“One of the reasons why I love this rug is that it’s a testament to our support of the craft of rug weaving. After all these years, we still work directly with the artisan weavers to create the most striking rugs for our customers,” says Amy.

Perfect for: Spaces that get a good amount of foot traffic and could also use the high-impact drama of a kilim, like bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms.

Rug: Alina Area Rug

Why we love it: Handwoven from recycled up-cycled fabrics, on a traditional loom, this boho kilim rug is entirely handcrafted in the artists village. Its geometric pattern, richness of color, and intricate exclusive design conjure visions of far-flung travels, adding an air of global-eclectic chic style to the home.

Perfect for: High-traffic areas and layering. The rug’s flatwoven construction and soft underfoot feel enable each rug to withstand daily pedestrian wear-and-tear more than a traditional carpet.

Also, budget-conscious decoristas with a penchant for worldly style will love its accessible price. “It’s pretty incredible to get a unique, exclusively-designed 5′ x 8′ kilim rug for a huge value.” says Amy.

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  • Stephanie Kearney

    This article lists the rug as 5″ (inches) by 8″ (inches) on two separate occasions….Unless this is the world’s tiniest rug, it should be corrected to 5′ by 8′ (feet)


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