You’ll Love These Under $20 White Elephant Gifts

white elephant gifts

Moveover Dashboard Jesus or Gandhi. This year, we’re all about upping our White Elephant game to the next gifting level. The gifts below are useful (looking at you, taco truck taco holders), clever (old-time carnival game meets drinking game—YAZ!), cheeky (gluteus maximus cheeky), and even a little aerobic (three words: desktop ping pong).

But before you shop, here are a few White Elephant Rules you should know:

1. Wrap your gifts! The more jolly the wrapping, the better.
2. Each participant in the exchange draws their number from a hat so that the gift drawing happens in a certain order.
3. Participants are encouraged to sit in a circle so everyone can see each person’s gift after they’ve opened it.
4. A gift can be stolen once (or twice—it depends on your party rules). After the allotted steals have been used up, the stealing/swapping ends.
5. Be kind to the person who draws the first gift and, should s/he choose to, let that person steal/swap a gift after the last person has drawn.

Now—go forth and Shop This Post:  Taco Trucks Taco Holders 2-Pack | Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser | Ugly Sweater Mugs | Desktop Ping Pong Set | Desktop Drum Set | Tapped Wine Aerator and Stopper  | Ka-Pow! Boxing Glove |


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