Just Brewed: Our Coffee Flavors Guide

How do you take your coffee? Strong and full-bodied, subtle and smoky, or somewhere in between? Since beans may create varying coffee flavors and character from one terroir to the next, it can be a task to find that perfect cup of joe.

That’s why we’ve made a guide to our favorite World Market® coffees, comparing roast levels, acidity, body, flavors and more.

World Market® Coffee Flavors Guide

Coffee Flavor Guide - Discover, a blog by World Market

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  • Glen Kahn

    I have spent years learning how to make good espresso. I have gone through multiple machines and grinders and use commercial grade equipment in my home. I have been buying World Market’s Colombian Supremo for a couple years now. It is not great but has been consistently good. I blend it with custom roasted beans from a local roaster. The World Market Colombian is the about 75-80 of the resulting blend.
    Recently I have gone through several bags, all well before expiration dates ranging from late June to October, 2015. The coffee has been horrible, disgusting, unpalatable. I have been beside myself. I have changed water, thoroughly cleaned all equipment, then brewed up single sourced beans one shot at a time to find what tastes so bad. IT IS THE COLOMBIAN SUPREMO. Whoever is the buyer and should know their business appears to me to buying substandard beans. This is so disappointing. I am returning multiple bags and will look for a new source.


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