Ayesha Curry’s Workspace Makeover

Ever wondered how the ultimate workspace makeover would look for a dynamic woman with a ton of different projects going on? We partnered with TV host, celebrity cook, bestselling cookbook author and restaurateur Ayesha Curry — along with renowned interior designer Taniya Nayak — to elevate her industrial space with chic, affordable World Market finds. From the test kitchen tables to the kids’ corner, each detail radiates California cool and is perfect for this multi-talented Girl Boss.

Below, Ayesha and Taniya talk about their individual design styles and how this workspace makeover came about!

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World Market: As style experts — though in separate fields — how did you find each other in order to work on this project?
Ayesha Curry: We found each other because I heard of Taniya through my managers. I had researched her design style which was very similar to my aesthetic. I wanted to make sure the designer was able to replicate my home in my office.
Taniya Nayak: I’m a huge fan of Ayesha’s, always have been. We have mutual friends, and our teams connected us. I think we both reacted with the same enthusiasm on the notion of working together.


WM: Taniya, what’s your strategy for making the area stylish yet functional for Ayesha?
TN: I needed to understand how Ayesha would be using the space. Will she be working at a desk, holding conferences, entertaining, having family, filming shows? Turns out, all of the above! Next, I wanted to get a good sense of her personal style, colors, what she likes and even more importantly, what she doesn’t like.

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WM: How would you describe your overall decor style, Ayesha?
AC: My overall design style is very modern and traditional with neutral tones and pops of color. I love grays, marble and brass. Because the office is so industrial with the brick walls and iron rods, I wanted to soften the space up and make it cozy and warm.


WM: We’re dying to know, what will your new space be used for?
AC: This space will be used as my office! I’ll be able to come in here and create new recipes, test recipes, and create new content for my platforms. It’s the perfect place to meet with my brand partners.

WM: Which World Market finds are you most excited about?
AC: I’m most excited about my peacock chairs! They’re perfect since I’m the face of the Covergirl Peacock Mascara. I’m also excited about my green couches! I told Taniya the green couches were my favorite and she took that inspiration and created the whole office/test kitchen around it. I’m also super excited about my bookshelves with the ladder. It’s perfect for displaying all the different projects I’m working on.
TN: Super excited about the forest green velvet couch we selected. It’s the perfect statement piece and a great starting point to kick off the rest of the design.

WM: The space will also include a nook for Ayesha and Stephen’s kids, Riley and Ryan!
TN: Yes! And the little one on the way! Ayesha said she definitely wanted a space for the kids but didn’t want it to look like a kids’ space. Totally understood that. I added comfy seating, a TV, ottomans, and plenty of storage for toys and coloring books.
AC: This is the perfect space for the kids to be occupied while I work. I’m not into the girly colors so I love that Taniya kept it neutral with lots of activities for the kids to do.


WM: And finally, one for the fans! What new projects can we look forward to hearing about from you both?
AC: I’m currently working on kitchen textiles – from kitchen towels to aprons and a bedding line! There will also be new products coming out from my cookware line that will include barware and more. I’m also working on fun new ideas for HOMEMADE, my subscription meal delivery service.
TN: I’m currently working on developing my own wallcovering line. My husband and I are opening our 9th restaurant in Boston, and my firm is designing restaurants, condo developments, and a few celeb homes across the country.

P.S. Make sure to watch the hilarious outtakes from our super-fun time with terrific Taniya and amazing Ayesha!


  • Adrienne

    Love the entire space!!

  • Carmen

    This was SO inspiring. Thank you World Market. And the outtakes are fun to watch. I love Ayesha’s pro family message. She is beautiful inside and out.

  • Vonetta

    Absolutely Love World Market, and those peacock chairs are my favorite!! Plus Ayesha is so beautiful, she is full of life…love her laugh!

  • Georgeana Johnson

    Great space planning. I love every piece. Ms. Nayak did her thing! Love it!

  • Carmel Hall

    I love the entire space (especially the peacock
    chairs). Ayesha is so delightful and I am so happy for her; what a wonderful place to work! I’m currently working on putting together my studio and have purchased a pair of the same tall library shelves, a gray daybed, a different book shelf and a rolling kitchen island. Plus, I’ve bought tons of accessories at “World Market”! Love your stores! Thanks so much for even more inspiration in this video.

  • Indria

    I love it! I love World Market. I have a lot of their furniture in my house. I just bought two of their Cognac leather chairs during their 30% off members’ sale a few days ago!

  • Lauren

    My couch awesome piece.. I love this space you all designed.

  • Kimberly Johnson


  • Dee

    Very disturbing to see the cowhide chairs☹️🐄

  • sonja

    I love World Market merchandise and I’m surprise how well the Interior Designer Taniya executed the Industrial space, she made it chic and sophisticate. My favorite are the peacock chairs.

  • Leilani

    Beautiful! Such an amazing space!! I would definately be productive!

    It’s so inspiring, thanks so much for sharing! ❤❤❤❤

  • Christine Ward

    This is an amazing use of World Market furniture and design pieces… Great job. Love it!!! It’s very inspiring.

  • Su Hester

    Wow! What a wonderful inspiring space! Beautiful! Blessings for you and your family! Taniya- you are the best and you created a great environment!

    Girl Boss – love it!

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    Amazing!!! I love the space and definitely love the two of them. Both are such sincere, happy people:)

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    A fairly god person
    It’s not what you know it’s who you know!
    Beautiful it was perfect


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