Our Favorite Wool Artisanal Gifts From Nepal

Nepal’s bustling capital city of Kathmandu, along with its surrounding villages, form a vibrant hub for artisans of charming traditional handicrafts. This Himalayan region has always been known for its felt wool products like blankets and clothing. Long considered everyday essentials, they evolved into items for trade, and today these local wool gifts are treasured for their distinctive designs and gorgeous craftsmanship.

Girl Power: Nepal’s Women Artisans

We’re so proud to work with the area’s women artisans, who use time-honored processes passed down through generations to create stunning crafts and clothing. Read on to see what exactly goes into each of our unique artisan gifts from Nepal — plus, see our favorite finds!


From Wool to Wonderful

After cleaning the wool to be used, lengths of it are separated into small tufts and layered together. Next, the wool is colored with eco-friendly dyes in an array of brilliant hues and dried. It’s then rubbed with soap and water to hold it together for the fulling process, which involves lots of rolling and pressing.

Finally, the felt begins to tighten up to become a strong material which can be pressed by hand to form the desired shape. Slight variations in color, texture, size and finish are purposefully created to bring out the inherent artistry of each of these wool gifts.

Our Favorite Wool Gifts From Nepal

Needless to say, we’re completely smitten with these artful pieces! Here are a few of our favorite worldly wool wonders this season:

Christmas Ornaments: Felt Dog Ornament | Felt Heart with Flowers Ornaments

Christmas Stockings: Felt Llama Stocking | Felt Red Stocking with Tassels | Ivory Sweater Stocking with Pom Poms 

Wool Cold Weather Accessories: Snowflake Head Warmer | Snowflake Convertible Gloves | Llama Trapper Pom Pom Hat | Fox Convertible Gloves

Wool Felt Slippers: Blue Wool Felt SlippersGray Wool Felt Slippers

Don’t stop there — we’ve got more cute worldly wearables to keep you cozy this season!


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