A Coffee Table With Organic Live Edge Appeal

The simplest way to add warmth to your home decor is with natural wood. From the grain to the craftsmanship, exceptional wood furniture fits into any aesthetic. Sometimes, though, wood furniture goes beyond decor and ventures into magical art, like our exquisite Wood Slice Coffee Table from Indonesia. Each table is as unique as the Indonesian teak tree it came from!

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Selecting the Perfect Wood

Each slice of wood is hand selected from a teak tree trunk found in Central Java. It’s then dried, carved and sanded by hand before a protective layer of clear coat is applied to protect the surface from stains and sticky fingers.

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A Study in Nature

Every single coffee table is different because every teak tree is different. The organic shape, the variations in color and grain, all are part of the character of the individual piece. The wood will even expand and contract along with changes in humidity! The live edge of the table is sanded smooth to show off the curve of the tree trunk, revealing more of the wood’s texture and natural grain patterns.

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The Coffee Table as Art

Once the teak wood is ready to be turned into a piece of art for your home, we keep it clean and classic with hairpin-style legs that allow the surface to be the star. As it should be! The perfect accent piece for any kind of decor, our table works in small spaces, in concert with organic edge shelving or a live-edge teak mirror, or as the focal point of a mid-century living room. This functional piece of natural beauty is an on-trend coffee table, to be sure, but more importantly – it’s crafted with care and totally unique.

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