Wine Glass Buying Guide

With more varietal wines than ever to choose from at World Market, we’re delighted to offer our exclusive Connoisseur crystal stemware. Each mouthblown glass is specifically designed to showcase what’s best in your favorite wines. If you’ve ever wondered why wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes, here’s our at-a-glance wine glass guide to help you match the right stemware with the right wine, every time.


Wine Glass Guide

1. Connoisseur Burgundy Glass

The wide bottomed bowl and gradual taper creates a narrow space for concentrating the bouquet of supple reds. The elegant pulled stem gives warm fingers a wonderfully tactile reason to avoid prematurely heating the wine.

2. Connoisseur Zinfandel Glass

Narrower than the glasses for the other red varietals, the smaller space concentrates flavors toward the mid-palate, allowing more intense wines to reach their full potential.

3. Connoisseur Pinot Noir Glass

The wide base and narrow mouth are designed to concentrate the elusive flavors of lighter bodied wines. With a deep bowl that sits atop a long, pulled stem, this glass places wine perfectly in the mouth for optimum enjoyment.

4. Connoisseur Champagne Flute

The small surface area preserves the bubbles in sparkling wines. Its narrow rim sends effervescence and aroma to the nose while controlling the flow over the tongue, keeping a balance between cleansing acidity and mouth-filling richness.

5. Connoisseur Bordeaux Glass

The elongated bowl delivers bold flavors of big-bodied wines and highlights tannic structure. The expansive mouth provides ample room to release any tightly bound aromas for a sublime taste experience with red wines, both old and new.

6. Connoisseur Chardonnay Glass

A generous bowl size and straighter sides gives chilled white wine a proper place to maintain its temperature between sips. The barely perceptible taper focuses aromas, and provides the wine with a swift delivery to the back of the tongue, elongating a lingering finish.

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