Who’s Found the Golden Llama In Store?

You know you’re in for a day like no other when your shopping trip turns into a successful treasure hunt—and what a golden six days it has been for so many lucky shoppers!

We’ve loved seeing all of your #GoldenLlama grams, tweets, and shares, and can’t wait to see what you end up getting with your Golden Llama reward.

To get you excited for the coming days, we’re highlighting a few lucky winners from our Golden Llama Treasure Hunt. Each one came, saw, conquered—and even paid it forward. Get inspired by their stories and enjoy the thrill of the Golden Llama hunt in store!

Unexpected Kindness

This morning, I was the recipient of some unexpected kindness. While I was searching through Cost Plus World Market for some final touches for our dear friends’ wedding, another customer approached me and handed me a card with a golden llama on it and asked me if I would like to have it. The back of the card instructed me to turn the card in to the nearest sales associate to receive a reward.

I thanked the woman, found the nearest employee, and turned in the card, all the while anticipating a ten to thirty percent discount. It turns out that each ticket had a pre-assigned value, and my golden llama was worth $50. I offered to return the ticket several times to the woman who had given it to me, figuring that she hadn’t known it’s value before giving it away, but she insisted that I keep it.

While I finished gathering the items that I had initially come to purchase, I stumbled across a fuzzy golden llama ornament and decided to get one as a reminder of unexpected kindness and the importance of paying it forward. #GiftThemJoy

-Jenn W. 

Jenn W Golden llama


Shopping with Babies? No Prob-llama

“I found today’s last Golden Llama! Minutes after getting the text message from Cost Plus World Market about their new Golden Llama Treasure Hunt, the boys and I were packed and well on our way to a treasure hunt adventure! And we found it and received a $50 reward!”

-Tyler F. 

Tyler F. Golden Llama

Lifestyle Expert Brandi Milloy spent two hours searching for a Golden Llama. She finally found one with her daughter Milly!

Brandi Milloy Golden Llama

“I found a Golden Llama! Also, we thought the baby looked cute with the Llama Lamp.”



Loco for Llamas

“When a casual shopping trip turns into a Golden Llama Treasure Hunt. Thank you to the kind couple who helped me locate [a llama]! I was so excited to redeem my golden llama for a $20 coupon. Buying llama stuff with it wasn’t required, but I couldn’t resist! (*Llama pants not included! sweat_smile) Thank you @worldmarketblushtada#goldenllama #worldmarket #giftthemjoy


@clarger12 Golden Llama

“Found a Golden Llama! Thank you, @worldmarket, for giving this shopper such a fun, unique treasure hunt and for supporting the VH-1 Save the Music Foundation with cute tote bags! Inevitably, I had to buy a Llama Mug with my coupon. Thank you for creating campaigns that bring happiness and excitement to so many customers.”


Golden Llama In Store

Each day, we’ll share the daily clue of the five Golden Llama’s whereabouts in-store, via email and on our social media channels. So—what will you do with your Golden Llama reward coupon? Experience the thrill of the Golden Llama Treasure Hunt and find out! 

The Golden Llama Treasure Hunt runs through November 22, 2017.



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