How to Turn Summer Survival Kits Into In-Store Scavenger Hunts!

Kids get bored in the summertime and finding ways to bust the boredom can be challenging. When children have a say in their activity choices and get to create their own ideas, the success rate for breaking up the boredom goes through the roof! These summer survival kits end up making great in-store scavenger hunts for the kids, and are intended to create the opportunity for little ones to shop for items that will keep them busy, content and engaged.

Summertime Survival Scavenger Hunt

Whether boredom shows up at home, on a road trip or at the beach, these lists are bound to raise the fun factor and support interactive play.

Here is the group of items that a boy put together in the store last weekend for a road trip (otherwise known as the “Road Trip Survival Kit”):

Boy Road Trip

This collection was created by a girl for those times she is stuck waiting for her little sibling to nap. I like to call this one the “Big Sister Activity Bundle”:

Girl Road Trip

It’s easy peasy for the little kiddo to play and hunt for items in store!


1. Print the list of items that your child must find in store.

2. Take your kiddo and the list to your nearest World Market store.

3. Let them pick the items from the list and put each item in the cart. They LOVE to have their own cart when shopping so go ahead and let them push their own cart around the store.

4. Be sure to allow plenty of time for hunting and exploring each aisle. There are tons of great toys, games and books to explore.

Shopping Cart


Kids love to be a part of the check out process too so let them do this as well. Give them a chance to feel some shopper responsibility and ownership.


Once the items have been purchased and you go home and keep the survival kits in a special bag for those moments when boredom strikes. Whether reading, playing, snacking or creating, your kids are bound to have a ball with their awesome new items. This should help make summer a little less boring and a lot more fun!

Download the World Market Scavenger Hunt printable.


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