Instalove: Tropical Dessert 7-Layer Bar Recipe

There a great many ways to make sweet desserts that everyone loves. But what if you really want a tropical dessert that appeals to even the pickiest eater? Pineapple! And a few other things.

Re-gram via Pineapple & Coconut - Dscover, a blog by World Market

Tropical Dessert the Easy Way

We know, we know. Throwing pineapples into a recipe doesn’t necessarily make it Hawaiian—but it adds a certain tropical dessert sweetness to the dish. Just ask Shanna of Pineapple & Coconut, who used as many tropical ingredients as could find (pineapple, shredded coconut, coconut milk, and mango pineapple jam, to name a few) to create this delectable dessert, which we found on Instagram and instantly wanted to recreate at home.

If you’re drooling over this Instagram post like we are, read Shanna’s blog for the full recipe! (You’re welcome.)

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  • Sandra

    These look and sound really good. Would consider making them if the ingredient quantities, oven temp, and baking time were included; i.e., an instructional recipe. Thanks!


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