Tricks & Treats For a Spooky Decorating Party

Guest Contributor: Vanessa Coppola of See Vanessa Craft - Discover, a blog by World Market

Celebrate Halloween with a kid-friendly haunted gingerbread house party. We typically decorate gingerbread houses around Christmas time, but we had to plan a Halloween play date when we saw the spooky fun house kits. Here’s how you can plan a Halloween gingerbread house party of your own.

Grab the Chalet Gingerbread House Kit (one per person). The kits have everything you need to create a spooky gingerbread house, which is very convenient. I skipped the plastic base and placed the plates directly on black plates.

Grab a couple bags of candy corn and other premade treats for your guests. The mummy cookies were a hit with my guests and I didn’t have to do any baking! Arrange the treats in apothecary jars to double as decor.

Serve drinks in milk bottles and decorate the bottles with paper bats. You can attach the bats with double-sided tape. I had to have the glass pumpkin dispenser, which was set up nearby for refills and filled with orange juice.

Assemble the gingerbread houses before the guests arrive. Here’s a tip: Skip the icing and hot glue the houses together. That’ll make them non-edible, but they’ll be easier to put together and will still make a great decoration. Plus, the extra icing can be used to decorate with.

Use disposable icing bags for easy decorating. The kits come with plenty of icing bags. After placing the icing in the bags, tie the tops with a rubber band and snip the tips with scissors—they’ll be ready to go and easy for little hands to maneuver.

Keep the decor simple. Cover your table with kraft paper or wrapping paper, something that can easily be discarded in the trash for easy clean up. Place black candelabras covered in faux spider webs on the tables. Hang premade garland, like the skeleton tissue paper garland I used, for easy party decor.

Have aprons available to avoid any accidental icing messes on clothing. I decorated plain white aprons with iron-on vinyl to match the theme. The children also wore paper witch hats, which made for adorable photos!


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