Capiz: A Decor Trend We Love

Want an easy and inexpensive way to add a little natural glamour to your home? We’re loving the elegant iridescence of capiz shells used in just about everything! Capiz has been a trend in decorating since at least the 60s, but it’s been around much longer in its original incarnation as a type of oyster whose shell is found mainly in the Philippines. These shells filter and reflect light beautifully, making them an elegant material to use in lighting, art and furniture.

Our finds are the best way to add a little luxury to your space without breaking the bank. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites here to show you just how versatile (and gorgeous!) this shimmery shell can be.

Divide & Conquer

Want to create the illusion of more space? This beautiful capiz screen is great for use as a room divider — try placing it in the living room between the sofa and TV-watching area and your desk or workspace. Or use it to divide your dining area from the rest of the living room. This screen also works alone as a standing piece of reflective art or behind the bed as a unique headboard.

Living Room Glam

Another way to add some shine to your space is to find a piece of furniture that stands out among the various textures and colors already there. Enter this stunning capiz coffee table. Whether placed on a rug or a bare floor, this piece pulls any room together with not just its beauty, but its utility as well. A couple well-placed candles or decor items, a few of your favorite hardcover books and maybe a plant or two will really make your living room look inviting.


Touches of Capiz

Not ready for a furniture commitment? We’ve got you. Why not update a pendant lamp with a shade crafted from capiz? The shells create the perfect light filter, and look gorgeous in any room. Or how about saving the shimmer for an empty wall? Put up a piece of capiz framed wall art in an area where the sun will hit it and see what kind of magic happens.

Want to indulge in the trend and find the perfect capiz item for your home and budget? It’s all right here!



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