Treat Yourself to an Italian Epicurean Adventure: Southern Italy

Italy is a culinary wonderland. An essential component of any Italian adventure is popping into one of their many small markets, filling your basket with fresh cheese, bread, cured meats, fruits, olives and chocolates, and heading to an ancient piazza or park to dine in the open air. When our travels found us wandering through an authentic Italian Mercato, replete with delizioso Italian delicacies, we were inspired to recreate the experience in our stores. Discover our Italian Mercato, where an authentic Italian epicurean experience awaits.

Savor the South

Travel to the toe and you’ll be richly rewarded with food so fresh it was likely picked moments before it appears on your plate. Here, ingredients rather than elaborate preparations take center stage, a tradition that was borne from a peasant mentality that favors flavor over fancy. We are delighted with our Southern Italian assortment that features amazing Amarelli Licorice (that steals its sensibility from Italy’s popular Sambuca liqueur), Torrone Nougats, oh-so-authentic Regioni D’Italia Bolognese sauce and Olive Oil, Talatta Anchovies, fished from the waters of Sicily, and so much more in store.

Ready to head north? Discover more from our Italian Mercato.


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