Top 10 Scary Spookfest Must-Haves

Does anyone ever have too many Halloween decor finds? Bring drama to every dark corner with our scary (and sometimes hairy) selection of skulls, skeletons and creepy creatures. Here are our top picks for a Halloween haunt to make your guests go mad (with glee)!

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10 Halloween Decor Must-Haves

1 – Vintage Style Skeletons, Set of 2. This terrifying twosome lets passersby know to abandon all hope. Hang these in your entryway to see who among your guests is worthy of gaining entrance into your lair.

2 – Hanging Dinosaur Skeleton. Hang it in your home and watch your guests stare with wide-eyed wonder at its jointed wings and freakishly long toes.

3 – Skeleton String Lights. Our skeletons are hanging around, waiting for their chance to create some mischief. Bone-us: If one burns out, the rest stay lit.

4 – Mummy Rat. Perfect for a tabletop tableau, our wrapped up rodent looks like he scampered out of ancient Egypt (and into our cold, dead hearts).

5 – Bleeding Black Skull Candle. Light the candle and wait. This candle transforms into a “bloody” scene right before your eyes.

6 – Dog Skeleton. Is he cute? Is he creepy? We weren’t sure, but he followed us home and we decided to keep him.

7 – Halloween Natural Fiber Owls, Set of 2. For a more traditional, vintage Halloween look, perch this pretty pair on your mantle or tabletop.

8 – Fancy Fabric Bats. Get some bats in your belfry with this eerily elegant duo. Shine a light on them to create a shriek-worthy shadow display.

9 – Halloween LED Pillar Lights. Let the lights go all night with our LED Pillar Candles in Halloween themes. Safe, long lasting and pretty enough to keep out all year (if you’re into that sort of thing.)

10 – Hanging Vulture. Our very villainous vulture is just waiting for the right time to make his move. Whatever you do, don’t let the party die down.


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