Thanksgiving How-To: Turkey Napkin Folding Tutorial

Turning a napkin into a turkey is easy…said no one ever. Until now! We’ve done the hard work for you and broken down each napkin folding step so you can wow guests with a turkey-laden Thanksgiving table.

Sit back, relax, scroll through the images below, and learn how to create the one fold that’s a hit at both adult and kiddie tables alike!

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold Tutorial - Discover, A World Market Blog

Are you ready? Here’s your Thanksgiving how-to:

Fold the top right and left corners so they meet in the middle. Make a second fold to meet in the middle, and then fold again to meet in the middle.

Fold the top part of the napkin to form the “body” of the turkey, so the tip is facing the other direction but not quite touching the edge of the other side. Then, create a “beak” by folding the tip down.

Set aside while you form the “feathers” with an accordion-style napkin fold.

For the “feathers”, you take a second napkin and form a long rectangle. Start your napkin folding like an accordion. Turn the napkin over so the accordion bit faces down.

Then, fold it in half.

Your napkin should look like an accordion once you let go of the folds (see below). Place the accordion section behind the “neck” of the turkey and on top of the “body.”

Voila! Your napkin folding artwork is complete, and your Thanksgiving table is sure to get rave reviews.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold Tutorial - Discover, A World Market Blog



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