Styling Tips for the Thanksgiving Table

Oh, November. How do we love thee? In so many different ways. Nothing makes us smile more than seeing your orange, yellow and brown hues all around, hearing the soft crunch of fallen leaves as we go on weekend sunset walks, and tasting your varied apple, cinnamon, and maple flavors. But if we’re being completely honest—we all have our eye on one thing this month: Thanksgiving table decor!

If your Big Feast decorating has got you in a tizzy, fret not, friends. Our stylist Caitlin Morgenrath gives us the dish on setting a festive and affordable Thanksgiving table with stylish, colorful flair, and shares tips plucked straight from our Fall Harvest catalog.
Thanksgiving Table Styling Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

How to Style a Stunning Thanksgiving table

Editorial: Tell us how you created this pitch-perfect Thanksgiving scene.

Caitlin: This was shot in Pengrove, Santa Rosa, in a little old lady’s farm. I brought in autumnal orange with fun textures like Firethorn berries, rose hips and bittersweet, which are my favorite. The blue accents (from the tumblers and napkins) perfectly complement the seasonal orange.

When decorating a table for a special occasion like Thanksgiving, it’s good to think about height variation and not making the table so dense that you can’t see the person in front of you. The blue napkins really add a special touch. There are a million ways to fold napkins; this was a triangle fold that was then folded back on itself to give a looser feeling. When you put the napkin between the bowl and salad plate it starts to become a bigger part of the tables cape itself, and a more playful option to the traditional rectangle.

Thanksgiving Table Styling Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

Editorial: So, about that turkey…

Caitlin: Meet our Natural Fiber Turkey! It’s textured with twigs, real leaves and burlap, and gives a clear Thanksgiving element to the table. It’s also incredibly simple to take your table to the next level wit this one piece. Just add a bit of freshness like berries or flowers and your table decoration is done.

Thanksgiving Table Styling Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

Editorial: This tablescape really embodies so much of what makes living and celebrating Thanksgiving in Northern California so wonderful…

Caitlin: Absolutely. Our photographer did a great job on this, and the moment came together beautifully. Bringing our products to an inspiring location always helps us creatively. It helps us bring the moment to life. Sometimes, a set table can feel very contrived or formal. Mixing napkin colors and allowing them to be folded loosely helps create a more relaxed space.

I also love using pumpkins and squash as decor; these organic additions give the table a festive yet laid-back vibe—you don’t have to live in Northern California to create that easygoing spirit. Just head to your farmers’ market or local store and bring home a few gourds for that organic touch.
Thanksgiving Table Styling Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

Editorial: Is it ok to mix and match for a special occasion like Thanksgiving? How do you mix and match colors, patterns and motifs for something like the Thanksgiving table?

Caitlin: This shot (above) shows four different mix and match settings. It’s really up to your personal taste, but if you need help, we have a great Mix & Match tool that helps you create different looks so you can see the chargers, plates and other tableware in place.

My quick tips for mixing and matching:

Pick a pattern that you love. Pick your decorative accent pattern first; it will give you the palette to work with.
Pick a main color. It could be white or ivory (from the pattern), and use that main color as a guide.
-It’s always good to have a neutral, such as rattan or woven chargers, or something like a herringbone runner.
Try not to introduce too many colors when you start adding glassware, candles and other decor items to your table. This is where it’s good to keep it simple.

 Still need help with your Big Feast prep? Stay on top of all the details with our Thanksgiving Prep Checklist!

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