5 Tips for Setting the Thanksgiving Dessert Table

It’s a big week, folks! With Thanksgiving just three days away, it’s time to focus on the little details that can take your gathering to a different level. Joanna of blog Baked by Joanna teamed up with a few other bloggers to create this delectable dessert table with her favorite World Market goods. She shared her tips for creating a dessert table that guests will love, and one that will make hosting your gathering a little bit easier.

Tip 1: Reach for quick-prep edible treats. Maple pizelle cookies, Mexican wedding cookies and ginger snaps go well with after-dinner coffee and tea.

Tip 2: Create flow. When it comes to the dessert table, keep the eyes moving from one dessert to another.

Thanksgiving Desserts via Joanna Meyer - Discover, a blog by World Market

 Tip 3:  Let the season guide your dessert choices. Focus on traditional Thanksgiving and autumnal flavors, like pumpkin, cranberry and maple.

Tip 4: Avoid clutter. Displaying desserts on tall and low serving pieces creates balance.

Tip 5: Tell your guests what they’re about to eat. Writing out a simple menu on a chalkboard display or labeling each dish lets your guests know what they’re in for at the table.

Thanksgiving Desserts via Joanna Meyer - Discover, a blog by World Market


Like what you see? Read more about Joanna’s Thanksgiving appetizer and dessert menu on her blog!

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