How to Style a Bar Cart

Take it from lifestyle blogger and hostess with the mostess Blair Staky of The Fox & She—the first step to kicking off your New Year’s eve party is getting a proper bar cart, preferably one on wheels. “Bar carts are my must-have entertaining essential. You can add all of your must-have accoutrement without overcrowding it!”

She lists a few essentials and tips on styling and stocking your bar cart:

1. Stock it with your favorite drinks, like whiskey or Prosecco, but don’t forget your mixers! “I love stocking up on Fever Tree Ginger Beer—they go so well with my husband’s Moscow Mules,” she says.

2. Keep cocktail accoutrement within easy access. Make sure you’ve got an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, bottle openers, and other barware essentials.

3. Add pops of color to the setup. Mandarin oranges, limes, fresh flowers—all of these organic elements add brightness to the overall bar cart look.

4. Show off your gorgeous glassware. Bring out all of your festive glasses—you know, the metallic ones you’ve keeping for “special occasions,” because what could be more special than ringing in a new year?

For more bar cart styling and stocking tips, head to Blair’s blog The Fox & She!


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