How to Combine Style and Function in a Small Multipurpose Space


Many of us have ‘multipurpose spaces’ in our homes. A multipurpose space allows us to combine multiple functions into one room, like a guest room + home office combo (or if your house its like ours, it also serves as a storage closet, among other things). Sometimes creating a multipurpose space that’s functional AND stylish can prove to be a challenge. But I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely possible!

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With the help of some creative storage solutions and Cost Plus World Market’s Small Spaces Collection, I was able to maximize my space and transform our tiny 10’x10’ spare room into a beautiful guest bedroom / home office space that’s both functional and beautiful. Our spare room also happens to be the only bedroom on our main floor, which is where our two-year-old often plays. In the past, this room has become a dumping ground for toys. In addition to a guest room and office space, I also wanted to create a concealed storage system to hide the toys that inevitably end up there.

Here are a few tips for creating a functional, stylish small space office + bedroom combo:

Stick with a small desk with built-in storage

You want the desk to be practical without taking up a lot of space. Choose one with a small footprint and a drawer or two to store papers, office supplies, or anything else you want to stash away when your office pulls double duty as a guest room. I chose this beautiful Herringbone Wood Wayde Desk and it works perfectly in this space.

Get creative with the layout

Sometimes in a small room you don’t have a choice but to put the bed against a wall. In this case, be sure to ‘float’ the bed off of the wall a bit as opposed to pushing it right up against it. This will make it appear a bit roomier. (And making the bed will be a whole lot easier this way too!) Placing the desk next to the bed can maximize space and eliminate the need for a nightstand.

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean that you can’t go big and bold with your decor. This large framed horse photo creates a strong focal point and makes this tiny space feel grand.


Create an organization system

Utilize baskets under the bed, a dresser, or a closet storage system to organize and conceal anything you need to store. I used these systems mostly to store my daughter’s toys. The baskets under the bed are filled with puzzles and blocks. The pillow and throw in the cute macrame tote basket are concealing a whole lot of stuffed animals. You can also use these systems to store extra linens, office supplies, etc.

Use the walls

In a small multipurpose space, there’s not a lot of extra room for decor. Wall shelves provide a great opportunity to infuse your style and even store pretty office supplies without taking up precious desk space. These mix & match wall shelves are perfect and I love that they come in so many different styles and options.

Infuse your own style into the multipurpose space

I stuck with a palette of mostly black, white, wood, and gold, and added in some greenery for a pop of color to keep things feeling fresh and lively. Personally, I love the clean, modern look of this space created by the contrasting colors, gold accents, and layered rugs. I love the way it pairs with the natural wood tones to bring a warm, rustic element into the space and blends the two styles effortlessly. Design your space with things you love, and you’re sure to create a room you’ll love spending time in.

Now we have an appealing space for my husband to sit down and get some work done when needed, a gorgeous and ultra-stylish guest retreat to make friends and family feel right at home when they come to visit, and a simple storage system to conceal and store toys – all in our tiny, yet functional and stylish multipurpose space.

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