We Have a Winner! Carli B Wins Our Star Maker Song Contest

Congratulations on winning World Market’s Star Maker Song Contest, Carli B! What a voice…


We Have a Winner!

Our Star Maker Song Contest winner was born and raised in Grand Terrace, CA in a family of five children who were heavily involved in playing baseball. Carli had a love for singing even at a young age, but it wasn’t until her teenage years that she realized she needed to pursue music.

Carli Knocks it Out of the Park

Around the age of 13, Carli realized that baseball might not be her thing when she discovered musicians like Queen, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys. For her 14th birthday her family combined their money to purchase her first guitar. She taught herself a few chords, and shortly after began taking guitar lessons. Carli loved the music so much she was anxious to devote all of her time to singing and playing guitar. She even went so far as to fail a class in an attempt to be dropped from the softball team so she could play more music! (Don’t try this at home…)

Carli’s Musical Home Run

Carli spent most of her days singing and playing at her local church. Following high school she attended music school, and upon graduating spent a couple of years in New York City where she played for a newly established church. Now Carli spends much of her time writing original music and is in the process of moving to Nashville to pursue her music career full-time. We wish her much luck and success on her musical journey. And remember… You saw her here first.

Winner Wonderland

For her magical holiday rendition of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, Carli recorded in the same studio Frank Sinatra used at Capitol Studios and also used one of his mics.

A very special thank you to her producer, Francis Murray, for making her recording session fun, informative, and memorable.



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