Soup Night Beats Back the Winter Cold

It’s cold outside, you’re bundled up, and a big bowl of hot soup is the only way to truly warm you to your toes. It’s not enough to have the thick socks and the fluffy blanket. You need the delicious richness of comforting food to nourish you form the inside out.

Soup Night - Discover, a blog by World Market

We believe that hot soup on a cold night is the ultimate comfort food, especially when you’re well-stocked with flavorful, all natural mixes, as well the right crockery, serveware and cooking tools. Keep your pantry filled with sensational soups and accessories all winter long to whip up hot meals that won’t burn your budget.

Soup Night Must-Haves

White Double Handled Crock, Set of 2
High-fired stoneware ensures even cooking, while side handles make it easy to move it right to the table.

Copper Dutch Oven
If you splurge on one kitchen item this year, let our heavy-gauge Copper Dutch oven be it. You’ll wonder how you cooked without it.

Exclusive! Floral Hand Painted Ceramic Oil Bottle
Hand-painted by skilled village artisans in Jaipur, India, our ceramic bottle offers your homemade salad dressing a next-level presentation.

Sawyer Spoons, Set of 4
Crafted of stainless steel and faux wood, these spoons dish up “wow” in any setting.

Market Classics® Carrot Ginger Soup Mix
Just add broth, water, cream or milk for restaurant-quality soup in your own home.

Market Classics® Bistro Style Lentil Soup Mix
Our exclusive, all-natural blend of lentil beans, vegetables and spices is a snap to prepare when you add water, chicken broth and fresh vegetables.

Just-Add-Beer Bread Mix
It’s all in the name! Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite beer to Just Add Beer Bread Mix, bake and enjoy fresh bread right out of the oven.

Explore our assortment of International Favorites to find the tastiest treats to round out your cold night in.

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