3 “Snacklaces” for Your Oktoberfest Theme Party

Anyone planning to host the ultimate Oktoberfest theme party will surely need to check a few essentials off their to-buy list, including:

– German brews and beer glasses or steins
– A smorgasbord of popular German eats
– A dapper Alpine Hat
– Items for a German-themed Snacklace bar

“Was ist das??” you might ask. Offering a “snacklace bar” is a crafty (and tasty!) party entertainment trend perfect for snack-loving guests. And who doesn’t love snacks? This fun idea lets everybody mingle and get creative, using simple supplies and a range of Oktoberfest-ready snacks to fashion their own edible party accessories!

What you’ll need:

Snacklace #1: Braided

1. Start by threading your biggest pretzel to the center of the ribbon, this one will be your centerpiece.

2. Add on pretzel #2, thread this the opposite way that you threaded pretzel #1. (Our first one was over the center, our second the ribbon went underneath the center.)

3. Thread on the third pretzel (on the same side as your second) the same way you threaded your first.

Tip: Your pretzels should start to create an overlapping look.

4. Complete this process on both sides until desired amount of pretzels are on each side.


Snacklace #2: Layered Look

1. Using the same technique as above (this time we used smaller pretzels), make your first necklace. Once built, begin threading a smaller piece of twine through the bottom of one of the pretzels.

2. Add a handful of additional pretzels to the twine (we used round ones).

3. Tie the twine closed once the desired amount of pretzels has been added.

4. Complete the above steps as many times as you like.


Snacklace #3: Sweet Treats

1. For this version, we will be making two different necklaces. For the first one, string on an assortment of pretzels and yogurt-covered pretzels.

2. Finish threading on snacks until almost full. Once completed, set to the side.

3. Now for the next necklace, take your twine and string assorted candy through it.

4. We tied on the candy so they stayed in place.

5. Continue until you reach desired amount.

6. Pair the two necklaces together.


Bonus option:

Already wearing a necklace? We took our “braided” necklace and turned it into a pretzel-crown. They won’t be as easy to eat, but they sure look pretty!

Craving additional inspiration? Explore more Oktoberfest here!


  • Mary P

    Good for the guys but not for the girls. Made a ribbon necklace for a Halloween party with the large fruity lifesavers, had to take it off, after the second lunge at my chest!

  • Marion Shonick

    You got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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