Small Space Essential: Multi-purpose Furniture

Make the most of every square foot and nook with multipurpose furniture and decor. Made for versatility and function, our small-space essentials create the feeling of spaciousness and expansion by helping you put everything in its proper place, and creating storage space for nearly everything!


Multipurpose Decor: Baskets

Think baskets are simply for keeping indoor plants and hiding unsightly large pots? If so, it’s time to think outside the box—or basket! Corral throws, blankets, shoes, and gear with hardwearing and sturdy baskets. If you can, use baskets with handles; they’re easier to grab and move around the room, if necessary.


Multipurpose Furniture: Poufs 

In many households, poufs are the most helpful pieces of furniture. From extra seating to end tables, foot rests to kids’ seating, poufs are some of the most versatile essentials in any home. For more stability when using a pouf as an end table, place a tray or bowl on top of the pouf. The tray can be used to display decor items or hold essentials that need to be within easy reach (like remote controls).


Multipurpose Furniture: Lidded Tables

Ideal for storage and purposeful decorating and entertaining, lidded tables are a must-have in any small-space apartment or house. Group a few together and use as a coffee table, place one on either side of the sofa for symmetry, or simply store blankets, loose items and other tchotchkes inside the table and use the lid to keep each thing out of sight.


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  • Nancy Prichard

    I was in your store in Ft Worth, Texas and was surprised to see all of your FARM decor. Really enjoyed it.


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