Fur and Faux for All: Our Top Sheepskin Trends

It’s cozy. It’s soft. And it’s so hot right now! Our fur and faux fur finds like Sheepskin Rugs and plush Faux Fur Pillows are part of the layering trend that’s taking home decor by storm.

With furniture silhouettes becoming sleeker and more refined, as well as more compact to work better in smaller spaces, designers are piling on the plush to bring warmth and comfort to every room. Our finds are the very best way to create luxury and opulence without spending a fortune. (And don’t worry, we’ll never tell how little you spent!)

Sheep Tricks

Flip through any design-savvy publication or scroll through the chicest blogger’s photos and you are bound to find a shaggy Sheepskin Rug. All the great designers count on sheepskin (and they have for decades). That’s because a Sheepskin Rug is incredibly versatile, impossibly tactile and totally durable.

We’ve seen them in the obvious places like draped over a sofa or covering the seat of a hard chair, but you can also use them as a baby’s playmat, an area rug in a small space or an extra snuggly bed for Fido. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Ready to step softly? Flock to it!


Faux Real

Does the price of fur have you feeling sheepish? You can still fill your space with feel-good fabrics that are a fraction of the cost of the real deal. For us, too much fluff is never enough, so we recommend tossing a few Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillows on the sofa, the accent chair and on your bed for a soft (and affordable) place to fall. And nothing says cozy night at home (with a glass of wine and a binge-worthy show) quite like our Mongolian Faux Fur Throw. Go ahead, try not to pet it. Added bonus: your pets will love it, too.

Soft Spot

For next-level fabulousness, may we recommend furniture covered in our signature faux fleece? Our Faux Flokati Gunnar Bench or Faux Float Gunnar Chair make the softest style statement imaginable, all while stealing the spotlight.

Want to find the perfect faux? Go fur it!



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