Sharing Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Sharing love is an incredible, wonderful and magical thing. It feels like warm candlelight and soft fragrance, like chocolate chip cookies and warm bread. Sharing love is what connects us to other people and makes life worth living. But how to make it clear to your beloveds that your feelings are deep and true?

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Start Sharing Love

There are a million and one ways to show your love for someone. A bouquet of roses and an assortment of Divine Chocolates (check). A handwritten love note (check). A dinner date or a simple yet thoughtful home-cooked meal, complete with champagne (check and check!).

But don’t forget, sharing is also caring, so in this season of love, we want YOU to share the World Market love with your nearest and dearest friends and family—because everyone deserves to feel the thrill of a shopping adventure (and the joy that comes with bringing home our much-coveted Mason Jar Measuring Cups).


We have more incredible ideas that will help make expressing your love fun and easy!


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