9 Things You Need: A Road Trip Packing List

Make the most of your leisure time with the help of our road trip packing list. Whether you’re going from the ‘burbs to the city, to the beach for the day or packing for the weekend, we’ve got your road trip essentials in the bag (or in the trunk or Airstream). Here’s what to bring!




Road Trip Packing Made Easy

1. Kantha Patchwork Weekender Bag: It’s the perfect weekender or overnight bag for moms and single girls alike. Get inspired by its worldly patchwork design and use its handy outside pocket to store portable cables for your phone, laptop or tablet.

2. Stacking Wine Glasses: Take your classy sense of style on-the-go with these acrylic wine glasses. Simply unscrew and invert and enjoy your favorite summer sips in one of the break-resistant glasses.

3. Passport Holders: If you’re driving to Canada or Mexico this summer, show off your boho-chic style with this set of two passport holders. Perfect for holding your driver’s license, insurance card, AAA card, and other personal and travel identification.

4. Red Retro Cooler: Keep up to 18 cans or 12 bottles secure—and cool—in one of our chic retro coolers. The best part? The attached bottle opener (one less thing to worry about packing).

5. Credit Card Survival Tool: Swiss Army Knives are cool and all, but there’s something about our multifunctional tool that looks and feels very 2016. Smaller than a standard credit card, this road trip must-have features 11 tools, like a wrench, can opener and a saw blade. (You never know when you’re gonna need a saw blade on the road, right?)

6. First Aid Travel Kit: Always be prepared. ’nuff said. And don’t forget to pack a Travel Sewing KitThe last thing you want is a hole in your socks right before a camping trip. Mend hems, holes and stuffed animal “booboos” with this travel sewing kit.

7. Flask Keychain: Functional, classic and attractive, this flask keychain is a must-have accessory for the road-tripping mixologist.

8. Take Along Games: Ditch the iPad for a few minutes or hours and reach for these old-school games. Pass the time with favorites like tic-tac-toe, memory match-up, on-the-go bingo, and four-in-a-row.

9. Glass Citrus Water Travel Bottle: Boost your immune system while quenching your summer thirst with this travel-ready tumbler. Made of break-resistant glass with a removable silicone base, it features a juicer that twists a lemon or lime into the bottle for instant infusion and refreshment!

Road trip packing has never been so easy. Let us help so you have more time so soak up the wind, sun and sights!

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