You Need These: Spiced Peanuts

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Katie Workman - Discover, a blog by World Market

To say I love giving presents is an understatement. I actually have a present closet: a closet dedicated to amassing gifts that I find over the course of time for my friends and family that I simply must buy right away and hoard until a proper gift-giving moment arises (like, say, a Tuesday).

You Need These: Spiced Peanuts - Discover, a blog by World Market

And then there are all of the people in our lives that remain a gift-giving mystery: the mailman who is nice to our dog, the kid’s banjo teacher, the yoga instructor, the neighbor who signs for your packages when you’re not home. You want to give them a little homemade something that says, “I really thought about you.”

If your list is long, you need to find gifts that are simple and economical, something that can be made in large batches and not super time sensitive, since you’ll be gifting all month long. Also, the gift should be something that we can make in abundance, so that when someone shows up with a little gift, and you hadn’t planned an exchange, you have something to grab that says, “Oh, I was totally expecting this exchange!”

All of the above are reasons why I love these peanuts. You can easily make several batches over the next few weeks, and the smell of them roasting in your oven will make you feel cheerful even before the holidays hit.

You can package them up in any number of charming ways.  Small gift bags, glass jars with labels, or a little holiday tin.  Not only are you giving your friends a homemade nibble, you are also providing them with a stash of appetizer-snacks to pull out when expected or unexpected guests descend on them. And do them a favor by writing down the recipe on a card, so they can know what went into making them, and you know, maybe even gloss over the fact that they were a gift—they will love you even more for that.

There is only one warning: don’t eat them all before you give them away.


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