White Summer Sangria Recipe

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Oh, ginger beer. How much do we love thee? Let me count the ways. (This way, and that way, too!)

With this recipe, the summer sangria gets a spicy update with the addition of a few new ingredients. Grounded by the vibrant, deep flavors of Bundaberg Ginger Beer and sweetened with flavor notes from the Peach Liqueur, this white summer sangria is easy to make and is guaranteed to lift the mood of any indoor or outdoor summer party.

Summer Sangria

Recipe and image courtesy of Bundaberg. Find more great recipes at bundaberg.com/mixology.


  • Truffle lover

    Looks like I was on the right track with a similar concoction a couple weekends ago. I had some ginger liqueur hanging around from a different drink recipe and some fruit that needed using up. I dumped the fruit in some of that for a while and then added a good splash to some not very good white wine I had open. A small splash of sparkling water and what a delicious EASY ginger sangria I had created. This drink sounds good too 😉. Thanks for coming up with it.


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