A Turmeric Latte Recipe to Spice Up Your Morning

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I like to start my mornings with a warm, delightful latte at home. About five minutes with a stovetop espresso maker and some frothed milk and I’m sipping on a delicious drink. But while this habit is well-ingrained, the New Year is a time for resolutions. That’s why I thought I could revise my morning latte recipe for a more nourishing approach by swapping a coffee for a turmeric latte. Turmeric is loved worldwide not only for its tasty flavor, but also for its many health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which make it an even better reason to add it to your morning java.

A Latte Recipe with a Little Kick

Although fresh turmeric might not be readily available everywhere, that’s not a problem since World Market always has ground turmeric on hand. They also have this beautiful mini Dutch oven I found in-store, which is perfect for creating this drink in no time, as well as these beautiful, double wall glass mugs. The striking color of this turmeric latte really shines through these mugs, and their insulation keeps your drink hot all morning.

No latte would be complete without that lovely, frothy top layer. World Market has an excellent frother as well that’s simply perfect. So if you’re looking to make a New Year’s resolution but don’t want to sacrifice too much, look no further!

WorldMarket_Kristan_Raines_Turmeric_Latte_Recipe (3)

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Serves 1

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  • An Auntie

    Went on a Melting Pot food tour of the Farmers Market Area on LaBrea in Hollywood/West Los Angeles city neighborhood, an Indian Restaurant which we chose to eat Lunch at had it in their drink menu. I believe it was there where I tried and enjoyed the Turmeric Latte, but forgot the given Recipe the waiter/owner provided for me.

    Glad to come across the Blogger/Contributor’s Recipe of the delicious beverage and hopefully recreate later this weekend, a snack of Nan bread and raita condiment to go with the wonderful treat.

    I need to shop again at World Market/Cost Plus Store for some well needed items for my pantry. (Rattle rattle , just checking my stash of coins before I go!) ~end of mssg*. 😂 Year of the Dog 🐕 2018

  • Margaret Nytes-Egan

    Be sure to add a pinch of black pepper (fine ground works best) so the turmeric becomes more bio-available. Might as well get the full benefit from this delicious drink.

  • Juanita Anderson

    This is a wonderful and warm drink. I use turmeric but never tried it in a drink. Thanks you for allowing me to share another receipt using turmeric. I do buy my turmeric from World Market. Think it’s much better than the one you buy in regular grocery market. Keep sharing good recipes with your customers.


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