Tropical Rose Aperol Spritz Cocktail Recipe

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Shanna Schad

The Aperol Spritz cocktail has been around a long time, springing to popularity in 1950s Italy. It’s an Italian aperitif — a light cocktail usually sipped before a meal, though it can really be enjoyed any time of day.

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The classic Italian version consists of Aperol, an orange-hued aperitif made of bitter orange and rhubarb along with a few other ingredients; Prosecco and soda water, often garnished with an orange slice. It’s usually served in a wine glass filled with ice.

Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect cocktail for a hot summer afternoon. It has become increasingly popular as of late, perhaps because of an increase in American interest in Italian travel, or because it’s quite ‘Instagram worthy’ due to its photogenic orange hue.

I love a light cocktail in the summertime and I also love to add a tropical twist to cocktails. The traditional Aperol Spritz is such an easy drink to make, with a 3:2:1 ration of Prosecco, Aperol and soda water. If you’re like me and most cocktails taste a little too sweet, then you’ll love switching out the Prosecco for sparkling rosé and adding in a little passion fruit juice as well as sweetened calamansi lime juice.

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I keep the soda water in my recipe, either plain or lemon flavored (I adore lemon San Pellegrino) to keep it from becoming too overpowering in taste. The point of the cocktail is an appetite stimulant and or palate cleanser. I like it as a really refreshing summertime cocktail and my tropical version takes it from delicious to WOW!

This is quite possibly one of the best cocktails I have ever come up with. Some say ‘don’t mess with the original’ when the original is amazing on its own, and I agree to a point, but there are things in life that can always be made better with a tropical touch.

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Recipe below for 1 cocktail | Recipe below for 1 pitcher of cocktails (serves 6-8)



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