Chamomile and Rose Buttercream Macaron Recipe

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Oh, lovely French macarons! Irresistible little sugar fluffs that you no longer have to travel to Paris for. I don’t know about you, but these confections seem to be popping up at most cafes and bakeries these days, and yay for that! But as easy as they might be to find and buy in stores, I really wanted to learn how to make them at home with unique flavor combinations to serve at my whimsical modern tea party!

Sweet Treats for Your Tea Party

When I first did my research on how to bake the perfect macaron, red lights started flashing at me from every direction: Do not attempt without a convection oven! Never ever bake these on a rainy day!

Do not be discouraged. My first attempt was literally on a rainy day in a standard oven and I still had some pretty stellar results. But do know that making macarons from scratch takes time, patience and most importantly, practice. But the rewards are sweet — literally.

These special cream and gold macarons were the perfect addition to our tea party, but really can be enjoyed any time for any occasion. The goal was to make the flavors as delicate as the outer shell and to look as gilded as our tablescape.

We chose chamomile tea to be infused into the cookie, and to fill the inside with a floral rose buttercream. Light, delicate and totally unique. You can add a drop or two of food coloring to either your cookie batter or filling, but we decided to make a statement with just a swipe of edible gold paint. Because why not go full glam after all that hard work in the kitchen?

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If this combo doesn’t conjure up thoughts of spring, we don’t know what could! So here’s to learning new things and tackling new techniques. I promise you’ll be rewarded in the end (or at least when sampling the goods). Now let’s get baking!

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Makes 2-3 Dozen Depending on Size of Cookie

*The Gold Peacock Dish is not food safe and should be used for display only.


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