Sunsational! Sun-Brewed Iced Tea Recipe

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Nothing beats a cold glass of iced tea on a sunny day, right? Better yet, how about using the sun itself to brew your tea? That’s the idea behind sun tea, a method of brewing that exchanges the stovetop for the sun’s natural heat. It’s a fun and easy process, and you can easily make either a large batch or an individual batch—the choice is yours.

The flavor options for sun tea are endless, and after a recent trip to my local World Market store, I left with a whole range of tea blends. Among my favorites are matcha green tea, pineapple tea, and a classic hibiscus tea. I like using pre-made blends, but you can also combine different tea packets and make your own blend at home.

When making sun tea at home I usually use about 1 tea bag for every 6-8 ounces of water, but this can vary with the type of tea I use or with how strong a tea I want. After you make your own a few times, you’ll be able to fine-tune your exact ratio.

As you embark on your own sun tea-making adventures, I’ll leave you with a few handy tips:

  • Use a clear glass (never plastic) container and sterilize it by washing it in the dishwasher or by cleaning it with hot soapy water to help prevent any bacteria.
  • Use filtered water.
  • Get creative: use either one type of tea or combine different flavors to make a blend.
  • Keep the tea-filled container in direct sunlight and cover it with a lid while it steeps.

Enjoy your sunny-day tea party!

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