Summer Side Dish: Vegetables with Artichoke Avocado Pesto Dip

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Shanna Schad

This veggies with Artichoke Avocado Pesto Dip is a great party side dish to serve anytime of year – particularly in summertime when all the fresh veggies are bursting at local farmers markets. Vegetable trays, crudité platters and cheeseboards are all the rage right now not only with food combinations but also with presentation. We eat with our eyes first so why not make a stunning tray of veggies and dip for your next party or picnic.

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Vegetable trays are a finger food staple. Serve them in cups with some dip at the bottom and veggies on top for a more portable snack. Mingle around the party all while keeping your veggies and dip in one container makes for less mess. One a Pinterest-worthy buffet table why not arrange in a tray to look like a vegetable garden ready to be picked? The vegetables arranged in a tray really is a stunning center piece and should be in the center of the buffet or picnic table.

Once you have all your vegetables prepped and ready to go, make the dip. This dip couldn’t be easier to make. I went with jarred sauces and fresh avocado. Sure you can make the pesto and artichoke bruschetta from scratch, but I am all about simple with summertime recipes, less time spent in the kitchen, more time spent outside snacking.

Either way you serve these Veggies with Artichoke Avocado Pesto Dip, in a tray or in cups, your guests, and you, will be going back for seconds and thirds.

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