Strawberry & vanilla bean Italian soda

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Sweet and juicy strawberries are slowly coming into season, which in my mind means that summer is not too far behind. As the days get warmer, my drink of choice slowly changes from a piping hot cup of coffee, to a cold and refreshing drink. On days when I find myself wanting something sweet, I like to make an Italian soda using a fresh fruit simple syrup that I make at home.


I have always had a soft spot for Italian sodas, so making them at home is always an extra-special treat. For this recipe, I made a traditional strawberry simply syrup, but I infused it with a vanilla bean pod for a little extra flavor.


Making a fruit-based simple syrup is easy, and can be made with a wide variety of fruit. I love how adding a bit of this syrup to mineral water creates a drink that is packed with strawberry flavor. If by any chance you aren’t a fan of adding dairy to your drink, simply skip that step and enjoy a glass of strawberry soda instead. Either way you make it, your drink will taste great.


Yield:1 Servings


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