St. Patrick’s Day “Snakebite” Cocktail Recipe

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Saint Paddy’s Day is around the corner and this year we want to celebrate with something more than just pint of cider or stout. As in, why should we have to choose between the two when you can have both at the same time? Break out the shamrocks and chocolate gold coins because we’re about to make a unexpected twist on the black and tan with two unlikely partners and a homemade syrup: The Snakebite!

Traditionally The Snakebite is paired with a blackcurrant cordial, which is sometimes difficult to find. So we thought it would be more fun to take a DIY approach and make a syrup of our own using blackcurrant preserves.

Did you know that you can easily create a variety of cocktail syrups by simply cutting down jams and preserves with water over heat? Simply reduce down and strain pieces of fruit with a sieve and you are on your way to creating a number of creative cocktails!

This drink is incredibly well balanced with hints of tart, tang and cream. I think it would be especially perfect for those intimidated by a full pint of thick guinness. I recommend using a crisp dry cider that really cuts through the creaminess of stout, but you can play around with a number of combinations. I can only imagine the fun it would be to play with a super tart cider and a coffee or chocolate stout!

In fact, the blackcurrant syrup would be amazing in a manhattan or other bourbon based drinks – so make extra! There are no limits when playing around and making delicious combos of your own this holiday.

St. Patrick's Day "Snakebite" Cocktail Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

Beimedh a gole! (Let us be drinking!)

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