Spicy French Connection Recipe

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Welcome the night with a warming drink that ends with a kick. Our World Market riff on the classic French Connection drink is a bit more festive, with the addition of cloves and orange garnish to top off the tasty yet classic drink. Sweet and warming, the combination of Grand Marnier and Cognac makes the drink extremely indulgent.

Our Spicy French Connection is not for novice imbibers. It’s a little on the fancy side of the drink spectrum so for full effect, sip it slow while intermittently talking about the economy, the 2016 presidential election and the perils of genetically modified food.


Spicy French Connection Cocktail Recipe - Discover, a blog by World Market

Yield:1 Servings
Prep Time:10 Minutes
Large Brandy Glasses, Set of 2 Large Brandy Glasses, Set of 2 7.98 Small Brandy Glasses, Set of 4 Small Brandy Glasses, Set of 4 7.96 Keep Calm and Have A Cocktail Coasters, Set of 4 Keep Calm and Have A Cocktail Coasters, Set of 4 9.99 Stainless Steel Bar Spoon Stainless Steel Bar Spoon 2.99


  • Jackie

    Love the Craft goods that get released. When is the October collection coming or is that the things that are currently sold out? Every time I get an email about Craft items, they are already sold out. Is there a set date or schedule used when new craft items get updated on the site?

    • World Market Editorial
      World Market Editorial

      You can start ordering October’s CRAFT items on October 13. Watch out for it on the site and place your order when something calls out to you–they sell out fast (as you already know)! Thanks for dropping by, Jackie.


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