Rum-Spiked Coconut Iced Coffee

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I think there’s a rule out there that says we can officially kick off summer once we start putting ice into our coffee

Did you know that the cold brewing process actually allows the more subtle flavors of iced coffee to shine through? This gives us more opportunities to play around with unexpected flavor pairings. For this recipe, I decided to switch things up and add a little tropical essence into the mix and make the ultimate caffeinated summertime cocktail.

When it comes to tropical flavors, you can’t beat the combination of rum and coconut. Rum adds a spiced note, while the coconut milk and syrup bring in a just-right sweet richness that rounds out all the flavors. This cocktail tastes like you’re having coffee and dessert at the same time, while sitting on the beach enjoying the ocean breeze—which couldn’t be a more perfect feeling after a long day in the sun.

Whether you prefer to grab your cold brew on the go or painstakingly make your own batch at home, this is one caffeinated treat that you’re going to want in your weekend getaway plans (no plane ticket needed).

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