Homemade Rhubarb Lavender Jam Recipe

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Summer is officially the time to break out the rhubarb recipes, and one of our favorite ways to enjoy this vegetable (yes, vegetable!) is as a jam. Strawberry and rhubarb have always been amazing friends in the flavor world, but we’re looking to add something unexpected with our next batch: herbs!

Making jam is incredibly easy, especially when seasonal produce is at its peak. Simply combine all the ingredients into a bowl and let it sit overnight to allow all the juices to come out, then reduce the mixture down by simmering it in a pan.

A floral spin on a classic, this rhubarb strawberry jam is laced with an herbaceous essence that only lavender can bring to the mix. It’s fragrant and sweet with just the right amount of zing without being overpowering. This jam would make for a special breakfast treat…or even a sweet appetizer as a dressed-up toast!

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Make it a Toast! 

The rhubarb and lavender pair perfectly with creamy goat cheese, and what better way to celebrate these flavors than on sweet walnut bread? Cut thick slices of bread, lightly toast and then add a generous layer of the cheese and jam. This is definitely not a time to go light on the jam! The goat cheese balances out the sweetness and the nuts in the bread bring a lovely texture with every bite. Since we’re decking this toast out, top it with edible rose petals for an additional flourish that adds subtle aromatic notes to this decadent bouquet.

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  • Lynn Moore

    Super delicious with a hint of mysterious flavor that must be the lavender. The flavors meld together perfectly.


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