Prickly Pear Tequila Smash Cocktail Recipe

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Escaping into gorgeous California deserts has recently become a very romantic notion. It seems like everyone these days is booking a trip to wander into the heat looking for a fabulous oasis (and a refreshing beverage to kick back with). Where there’s desert, there are cactus plants—including one that is actually quite delicious in a cool cocktail: the prickly pear!

Statuesque with a pretty paddle shape, this cactus variety sprouts beautiful blooms—and more importantly—fruit. Fragrant and floral despite its intimidating look, these pods reveal a hot pink interior color that is electric when muddled in cocktails.

These surprisingly delicate, unique fruit flavors work wonders with tequila, not to mention a splash of prickly pear lemon soda for a vibrant refreshing kick. It makes this cocktail different than any margarita you’ve seen. Zippy and bright in both flavor and looks, it’s the quintessential summer cocktail whose color alone is worth showing off at your next outdoor gathering.

WorldMarket_CactusCocktail (8)

Don’t forget to garnish. Prickly pear wheels are as showy as their juice. Top it off with a few edible flowers and get ready to transport yourself to a desert paradise of your own creation. Happy trails!

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