Pineapple Mulled Cider Cocktail

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Did you know that pineapples are the symbol of hospitality? Tradition says, if a guest arrives to a party where a whole pineapple is displayed, they should expect that no expense was spared working toward the guest’s ultimate enjoyment. Can you think of a better time to invite guests over for a sip of a pineapple drink that will leave everyone feeling warm inside?

Let’s get to mixing!


Autumn…Thanksgiving…I think it’s pretty unanimous that this might be the most-loved time of year. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan, and the most anticipated outing of all outings was a trip to the cider mill. Forget Halloween candy, forget making a list for Santa—we lived for those greasy paper bags filled with sugar-coated donuts and a paper cup (or jug) of hot apple cider.

With those traditions in mind, I wanted to put together a cocktail that was both reminiscent of seasonal flavors, but also shares the story of hospitality. Where the mulling spices can be strong, we’ve quickly infused them into the cider, giving a fresh and herbal note. The muddled pineapple mixed with mulled cider and rum have a full-spiced flavor that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

So in the name of pineapples, let’s raise a glass and toast to hosting, entertaining and the gift of friendship. That sounds like the warmest sip any of us could ever dream of. Cheers!


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Recipe makes two cocktails


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