Pina Colada Cupcakes Recipe

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Shanna Schad

Do you like piña coladas? Well, I sure do. And I love cupcakes. Put them together and you get piña colada cupcakes! I made these with splashes of coconut rum in the cupcake, the amazing filling and the frosting. As a drink and dessert in one, it’s the best of both worlds—of course you can also make these kid friendly by leaving out the rum.

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The filling is haupia, a classic Hawaiian coconut dessert that’s super simple to make. I upped the flavor by substituting the water with coconut milk and pineapple juice. This can be made ahead of time and chilled to firm up before filling the cupcakes. I love cupcakes with a filling, and the haupia is perfect for these piña colada cupcakes.

Then there’s the frosting. A basic buttercream made better with piña colada mix. The mix itself contains no alcohol so you get that nice pineapple and coconut flavor without the rum if you choose to make these cupcakes non-alcoholic. Or you can add in rum to make it a party!


I just got back from Hawaii and I’m still in a tropical state of mind, so these piña colada cupcakes are a perfect treat to keep that tropical holiday feeling going. They’re also perfect for any summertime luaus or Hawaiian-themed birthday parties.

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Makes 2 dozen cupcakes


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