Patriotic Sangrias for July 4th

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Shanna Schad

If there was one drink I would sip on all summer long, it would be the tried-and-trusted sangria. Sangria is just the right amount of sweet, fruity and refreshing, and when served with sparkling wine over ice, sounds like summer in a glass to me.

Why not kick off summer with these red, white and blue sangrias for the Fourth of July or anytime throughout the summer?

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-916

For these sangria recipes, I wanted to make three separate drinks so you could pick which one you wanted to try or enjoy all three! I am all for trying all three—they are very different from each other, but equally refreshing and delicious.

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-698

I make sangria in a less traditional way because I combine all the liquids to chill together first before I add the fruit to the individual glasses. I have always had issues pouring sangria with the fruit getting in the way and making a giant mess. This could just be me, so if you want to add fruit to the pitchers or carafes and risk making the mess when pouring, by all means, go for it. I also have never found the flavors to change too much with the fruit soaking in overnight. I also mix the sodas and spritzes in before chilling; the fizz doesn’t fade too much, especially if chilled with the tops of the pitchers or carafes wrapped tightly with plastic wrap. I like the sangrias to be light on the fizz, so I don’t mind if the fizz dissipates a little bit.

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-758

The red sangria is a Strawberry Pomegranate Hibiscus Sangria. I use a Spanish red table wine as the base wine; it’s not too heavy, like a Pinot Noir or Cabernet, and is perfect for this red sangria. I spied the Pomula Pomegranate Wine Spritz and the Pomegranate Hibiscus soda at World Market and knew that they would be perfect for this sangria. Mix in a little apple brandy (or regular brandy if you don’t have apple brandy) and then add the strawberries and pomegranate seeds.

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-767

The white sangria is a Pineapple Passion Fruit Sangria. I combined a crisp Pinot Grigio with Pomula Passionfruit Spritz, Barsmith Mix lime, simple syrups, and pineapple vodka. This is a more tropical sangria or sangria blanco, and is so refreshing and delicious. This is probably my favorite out of the three sangrias, although I really like them all.

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-788

The blue sangria is a Blueberry Blackberry Lavender Sangria. When I was thinking about making a blue sangria and didn’t want to use blue liqueur (it can overpower the white wine or fruit flavors), I knew I had to go with a light sauvignon blanc combined with a blue fizzy drink. I’m glad I found the Blueberry New York Seltzer, Lorina Lavender Soda and this AMAZING new Blueberry Brut, Blanc De Bleu. Not only would this blue sangria be great for July 4th weekend, it would be the perfect “something blue” drink for a bridal shower!

WM Red White Blue Sangrias-859

So whether you combine the fruits with the wine and mixers before chilling or add the fruit in right before sipping, either way, you’re bound to have three new go-to drinks for the fourth and beyond!



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