Homemade Orange Espresso Marmalade Recipe

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We’re always looking to uncover new and exciting flavor combinations while playing in the kitchen. Orange marmalade is perfect on its own, but we think this classic compote might be ripe for trying out something new: espresso infusions!

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Espresso is a bold flavor, so balance is key – especially when keeping the bitter tendencies of orange peel in mind. Keeping the sweetness is your main priority, so don’t forget to taste while the marmalade is simmering away. Adding water to cut flavors before adding additional sugar is a safe bet for success. The result is a unique marmalade that’s rich, citrus-forward and definitely robust. It’s a marmalade that deserves a spotlight for breakfast time, brunch or after-dinner dessert.

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Make it a Toast! 

This is not your ordinary marmalade – which means you need to build an extraordinary toast! Go the dessert route and try this vibrant goodness on a thick piece of challah or brioche. Not only does the sweeter bread complement all the flavors, it also looks like a delicious puffy cloud – and who could say no to that? Round out the caffeinated notes with a few dollops of ricotta and don’t forget the chocolate shavings, because we’re turning this into one delectable treat that no one will forget!

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