One-Pot Party: Steamed Mussels with Tarragon Cream Sauce Recipe

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Whether I’m prepping for a dinner party or simply my family’s evening meal, I try to go big on flavor and small on dirty pots and pans. This sumptuous one-pot seafood dish with mussels and tarragon cream sauce accomplishes both goals with gusto!

The rule of thumb with mussels? Discard any that are open before you cook them (and don’t shut when you tap them lightly), and after they are cooked, discard any that don’t open. Soaking them removes the grit that might be trapped in them (though these days most are farm raised, and have very little dirt in them), and also may make the mussels themselves a bit plumper.

Mia_mueller-Schoell_Photography_spring 10
I made these mussels in this great Lodge cast iron pan, which looked very dramatic.

You must—this is not a suggestion, it’s just a fact—serve these with a baguette or another crusty bread to use for dipping into the creamy, brothy tarragon sauce. Make sure to put out bowls for empty shells.

Serve this one-pot crowd-pleaser during your next dinner party or family meal, and get ready for the flow of compliments, without a ton of clean-up.

Mia_mueller-Schoell_Photography_spring 11

Photography credit: Mia Müller-Schöll


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