Halloween Cocktail Hour: Smoked Cherry Manhattan Recipe

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Whether you’re looking forward to costume parties or just passing out candy at home, this Halloween we’re looking to shake up something more sophisticated than spooky. The Manhattan is a classic cocktail that’s extremely simple to mix up in a flash. Though the traditional recipe is perfection, we’re going to add an unexpected pop of color and flavor to make this a unique Halloween cocktail treat!

How to Make Smoked Cherries for Your Halloween Cocktail

By using BBQ smoking chips you can easily make a cherry syrup infusion. Simply place a tin packet of whole cherries on the grill next to a tin packet of soaked bbq chips. Allow them to smoke on medium high heat for 30-45 minutes. The fruit will take on a deep smoky flavor while becoming caramelized and sweet. Perfect flavors for a fall Halloween cocktail!

Don’t forget to reserve a few whole smoky cherries for the perfect cocktail garnish before turning the rest into a complex syrup. Simply simmer them over medium heat with equal parts water and sugar.

The smoked cherry Manhattan is rich in both color and flavor, not to mention it’s one showstopper of a cocktail! Even if you’re not looking for the spirited type of Halloween cocktail, this smokey syrup would be great in a sparkling water spritzer over ice or even drizzled over your favorite ice cream.

If you’re looking for extra Halloween theatrics (and if this isn’t the right occasion, then we don’t know when is!) this blood-red drink can be served under a smoke-filled cloche, revealing itself through a plume of white upon lifting the glass. Now that’s a trick AND treat that will grab everyone’s attention!

12_Smoked Cherry Manhattan Cocktail 14_Smoked Cherry Manhattan Cocktail

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Makes 1 cocktail


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