How to Make Cold Brew Pour Over Coffee

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It’s summer and you want your iced coffee, but you don’t want your caffeine diluted by the melting ice. Luckily, there’s a solution: cold brew coffee you can make right at home. Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee poured over a glass of ice, which quickly melts and adds more water to your coffee. Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in a jar of cold water overnight so no ice is needed to make it cold. It’s super easy and inexpensive to make, you just have to have a bit of patience as well as coarsely-ground coffee, a large jar, a sieve, and a pour over coffee dripper.

How to Make Cold Brew Pour Over Coffee - Discover, A World Market Blog

Plus, depending upon your coffee’s blend or roast, cold-brewing should make your coffee less bitter and acidic, giving you a better cup of joe! This is because the heat of the water during hot brewing gives the coffee a bitter taste. So as a bonus, you might not need to add as much cream or sugar to your cold brew.

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Are you ready to DIY your own cold brew? Here’s what you need:


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