Seoul Food: Korean BBQ Grilled Wings Recipe

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Shanna Schad

Korean food has been on the up-and-up lately among food trends in restaurants and the blog world. I’ve been a long-time fan of Korean BBQ and chicken wings, so of course I love Korean Fried Chicken Wings. That’s a rare treat since they are fried– with these wings I went the healthier route of grilling. They aren’t quite as crispy as the fried kind, but using baking powder and a low, indirect heat grilling method helps get them almost as crispy.

Korean Condiments 101

Gochujang is a savory, sweet and spicy fermented condiment seen in many Korean recipes. It’s a chili paste that’s a combination of chili powder, fermented soybean powder, glutinous rice, barely malt and salt. Gochujang is often used in marinated meat dishes, soups, salads and popular dishes such as bibimbap (a hot stone bowl with rice, veggies, meat and an egg.) It’s also used when making kimchi, a delicious fermented cabbage dish.

Korean BBQ Gets Saucy

We make our own kimchi at home, and when I was planning on making these chicken wings I wanted to go with that flavor profile. And since these wings are grilled and not fried, I wanted a delicious spicy and sweet sauce to go with them. Normally I make sauces from scratch, but when I find a jarred sauce that has high-quality ingredients I am all for it in the interest of saving time. The Mother In Law’s brand that Cost Plus World Market carries is amazing. I’ve tried two of their Gochujang sauces– Tangy, and the Garlic that I used for these wings. Mother In Law’s brand also has a kimchi making kit that couldn’t be easier. Kimchi is a must as a side with these chicken wings, along with crunchy carrot and cucumber sticks.

WorldMarket_Shanna_Schad_Korean_Wings_Recipe (1)

Traditional chicken wings have either ranch or blue cheese dressing as a dip, but I didn’t think those would go well with the Korean flavors of these wings. I decided to go with a cooling Greek Yogurt mixed with honey and a little of the garlic Gochujang sauce. It works really well.

WorldMarket_Shanna_Schad_Korean_Wings_Recipe (9)

Hope you enjoy these wings as much as I did, and don’t forget to serve with cold beer!!

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