Tropical Rum Punch Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

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Spring is in full swing and there is no denying we have our eyes (and cocktails) set on a warmer weather state of mind. Frost has faded and the days are just a little bit longer, definitely a little bit sunnier. So it’s time to invite the crew over for Kombucha Cocktail Recipe celebrations… preferably on the patio (if the season shall be so kind to us!)

We’re no strangers to making cocktails that lean towards the healthier side. There’s been turmeric tonics, matcha infused brews… even tarragon and aloe have found their way into our spirited concoctions. And we’re definitely not slowing down on this healthy-ish trend. Next, we have our hearts set on a tangy probiotic drink: kombucha!

A Killer Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Kombucha is a vibrant, fizzy fermented and sweetened tea that is known to be incredibly good for your digestive health. With risen popularity, it now comes in several flavors, but for this punch we’re riding on some tropical vibes combining peach with orange and pineapple, which all are perfect companions with one of punch’s best buds: rum.

What makes big batch punch perfect for entertaining is that you can do everything ahead of guests arriving. Not to mention, you get to be off bartending duty setting up a do-it-yourself drink station. Win, win!

Of course with any punch, ingredients can be tailored to your personal preference. If you would like more zip, try substituting tonic water with ginger beer, or make it more tropical by increasing the fruit juices. The balance (and flavor of kombucha to surround them with) is all up to you!

Now, nothing says spring more than fresh blooms. So let’s give your punch bowl and individual cocktail glasses some petal power with a few floating edible flowers. Every punch bowl needs an ice block. Let’s make ours extra decorative by freezing distilled water in a small bowl or bundt cake mold and adding layers of edible flowers or slices of fruit for an even more colorful pop.

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This kombucha cocktail recipe is fruity, fizzy and definitely packs a punch (pun intended). Here’s to hiding a little healthy helping in our spirits this spring. Cheers!

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Makes 1 big batch cocktail (serving 4-6)


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